This is the CerealKillaz roster page.

If you are looking for help or info about CK, then feel free to contact one of us. Our oficers have easily clickable links below, and you can just hover over their pics and send them a site message or email them from their emails on the roster under that.

If you just want to browse the CerealKillaz MTGO roster, it is listed under the avatars of the officers. If you are not on it, and should be, please contact your chapter captain. If you are on it, and wish to be removed, then please contact the chapter captain of the page you appear on and let them know.

If you are on the recruit wishlist, then you are a player that one of our Generals has taken interest in. If you see that and wish to join, please click the "Wanna Join CK?" link in the navigation menu. If you are a CerealKillaz member and want someone added to the recruit wishlist, then please contact your closest CerealKillaz General (or his/her Chief of Staff or Warrant Officer) and have them added to the recruit wishlist.

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