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Okay, so you checked out the site, or you talked to a member, or you saw us destroying a 2HG, or whatever the reason, now you're here, and you want to be a part of it. Fill out the form below and a captain (or captains) will contact you.



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Tha Rules


Welcome To CerealKillaz!!! We don't have many rules but the ones we do have we are very firm on.
1. Conceding (in magic games)
While this rule is for Magic players primaraly I would like to say that this general "It ain't over till it's over" attitude spills into our play-style in other games.
That being said. This is something that we hold to the core of who we are. We want to first say that we absolutely understand that real life happens that may require you to leave a game. We ask that you please let the people in the game know you have to leave and take care of whatever emergency has arisen. If you are playing in a 1 vs. 1 and it is apparent that your opponent has the win, then let them know in chat and make sure they have no issue with your conceding the win.  If they agree you are absolutely allowed to concede.  What we will NEVER consider OK, is to concede in a game because someone has either upset you or because you are losing.  We try and look at those times as a way to learn and become a better player. It also just boosts the MTGO community at large. We absolutely will remove you from the clan for conceding in this manner. If you need to send a screen shot on a fellow CK for quitting in a game just email them to quitters@cerealkillaz.org.
2. Respect
We also ask that when you are talking in game chat that you watch what you say about your clan or its members. We want our members to try and be as respectful with one another as possible. We also discourage being verbally abusive to other members in the MTGO community. If someone is calling you names in open chat obviously most are going to respond, but remember that everything you say reflects on the clan as a whole.
3. Forums
As for the forums just try and make sure that you be as respectful as you can to your fellow CK's. Also, please remember that not everyone who comes onto our site is over the age of 18 so please refrain from posting things that could be looked upon as offensive to minors. We discourage airing out our dirty laundry for all to see. This causes unrest in the clan and makes our opponents who come here and read us, to think us weak.
4. Who do I go to for help with this CerealKillaz related situation?
If you have an issue with a fellow clan member, please do your best to not make the situation worse. Talk with the captain of their chapter. And if you still feel the situation is not resolved then speak to one of the Officers in CK, or ask that it be brought up at a clan meeting. The Roster on the site shows everyone's rank in CK so you will be able to see who you should contact.
5. Razer/Skype or any other chat program.
The only rule we basically have is just to make sure you are not being verbally abusive. This however has nothing to do with foul language as a whole. We will not accept someone logging onto the server and yelling and screaming at people, calling them abusive names or harassing them. 
Overall we want your experience in CerealKillaz to be an enjoyable one. For this to be it takes work and effort on all of our parts. Now my fellow ninja's....go kick some ass!!!!

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