What is CerealKIilaz?

CerealKillaz is THE premiere Magic: The Gathering Online clan. We specialize in beating down opponents in the multiplayer room, and that is what we are known for, but our mission runs much deeper than that.

We are often seen as obnoxious and rude, but we here at cerealkillaz.org wish you to know that we are 100% committed to community development at ANY cost.

We provide many services to our community including a community mentor program for newer players who want to learn to play the game better, as well as free card dump vaults that we share with MTGO newbs, ck or non-ck. We provide free voice chat server using the latest software and dedicated servers. The voice chat is available for the whole community, although we do have CK only areas for the members. Feel free to come talk to us, or just bring a buddy and hang out, we will never ask you to leave as long as you are respectful to everyone else in public chat areas. We also have a website with forums and groups and photo galleries and full profiles and music players and much more. again, the entire community is welcome to use it, however we give our known loyal friends and clan members more access to hidden content. For more information please contact any of our Secretaries, or email reesa69@cerealkillaz.org who will always be glad to help in any way possible.

At its core, CerealKillaz Clan was designed because the original two members did not like to play games where their partners quit on them. This was BACK IN 2002, when MTGO was still called MODO by most of us.

We accept members of any skill level. We ask that they be willing to learn how to get better and agree not to quit games.

Beyond a few simple rules, like not quitting, and asking the members to sign up for the website, we don't really police the behavior of our members that much.

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